Candyland Birthday Cake

This cake has got to be one of the cutest ones I've done so far. Only because of the fun colors and fun vibe of this Candyland theme. My friend Vena was celebrating her birthday with 2 of her friends and requested this cake to go with the theme of their party. It was made out of red velvet and cream cheese frosting. Each tier was covered in fondant and then airbrushed in pink, green & blue. I love how the cupcake turned out on top. I made all the fun Candyland pieces , the lollipops & candies and placed them all over. I hope the birthday girls loved their cake!


  1. OMG Tara... this was the best cake ever! People are still talking about it. It was cute, fun, and so adult on the inside (Red Velvet... cream cheese... mmm). Everytime I think about it... I smile! Now I have a photo since no on took one at the party. I will be calling you soon about this year's birthday... Oh the ideas.... :) Thanks Tara... for the great cake!

  2. how much would this cost?

    1. If she charges less than $350, she's a saint!

  3. Hey Tara!

    Fellow baker here stopping by to compliment your beautiful cake. I'm also doing a candyland themed cake for a baby shower and thought your cake would be a great place to start my ideas. VEry lovely, I cannot stress that enough and your cupcake on top is just perfect! I was wondering though, why did you opt to airbrush the fondant instead of coloring it with food coloring? You can email me at GM101989 at gmail.com, I would love to hear from you! Hope all is well with your creations!

    - Gen